Concept of Justice in Plato's Republic

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Name Instructor Subject Date Concept of Justice in Plato’s Republic Introduction The concept of justice is morally inclined by modern standards, but Thrasymachus’ Socrates and the rest of the best of men seem to suggest that this inclination does not suffice.


This argument is presented to Socrates in an accusatory fashion, and with Thrasymachus’ replies to what Socrates seeks in clarification in support of his argument, it seems evident that Thrasymachus’ himself did not completely understand the depth of the position he just took. This becomes apparent when Socrates designs his retorts to explore the argument further, dedicating the rest of the Book I to seeking clarification of the argument Thrasymachus’ had just presented. Socrates aims to make it apparent that a concept of justice such as this must develop in a coherent fashion towards one final definition of justice presented by Thrasymachus’, but as the argument continues, it is seen that Thrasymachus’ himself is slightly skewed in his approach and ends up presenting more than one definition of justice, with both consistencies and inconsistencies between the two. ...
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