Gottfried Leibniz - Consciousness and Unconsciousness

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Gottfried Leibniz---Consciousness and Unconsciousness Although state of sleep and philosophy of unconsciousness has always been a matter of vital interest for the thinkers and philosophers since ever, yet the issue got particular attention of the discipline of philosophy during 17th and 18th centuries.


Instead, they make difference between unconsciousness and dreamless sleeps, where the latter is aptly declared as the dark episodes of mind, which rarely leave any trace behind them (Hill, 1). The present paper looks for discussing the same with special reference to the contributions made by French philosopher Rene Descartes and eminent eighteenth century German thinker Gottfried Leibniz while elaborating the same. Leibniz is of the opinion that there are infinite minds existing in the form of folds, to which he frequently calls as pleats. He also views matter as the product of mind, and thus mind enjoys the status of substantial existence (Ariew, 209). Minds appear to be coming in degrees, according to Leibniz, where simple and superficial ones are finite in nature and begin with matter; similarly sublime minds are infinite one, which end with the deity. In other words, the minds which are sublime in nature are infinite ones, which trace out the realities of life and universe by approaching the Creator. On the other hand, finite minds have limited pleats and folds, which remain confined to limited thinking and mental abilities, and reality serves as the set of all finite minds (Hill, 5). ...
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