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What is the Real Difference? How Humans Create Themselves and the Machines that Mimic their Imperfections How an individual acts reflect what is inside the inner self. Humans express emotions that exhibit a view of their personality and the way of living. They see the world as their home wherein memories are built to last forever.


As a matter of fact, humans are now acting like replicants because all they do now is to fight over things, which they think will prolong life when in truth, the life that they have will always be impermanent. Some humans have instilled in their minds that all means must be done to last longer in this world including violence, betrayal, and worst, the killing of another life. In the movie, the main reason why the replicants came back to the earth was to search for their creator, a man named Tyrell who has refused to extend the replicants’ lives for the reason that their lives are only meant to last for four years. Tyrell's refusal angered the replicants, which has led them to confusion and despair. Although replicants are manmade creations, they do possess emotions, emotions than causes them to feel things that most humans also feel whenever they reach to a point where the right to live gets to become compromised due to some unexpected circumstances (e.g., sickness, fortuitous events, war etc.). ...
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