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Film Blade Runner: How Humans Create Themselves and the Machines that Mimic their Imperfections - Essay Example

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The paper revolves around the movie "Blade Runner". The movie Blade Runner highlights how the shaping of one's self-varies in every entity whether human or non-human. It provides a picture of how certain life experiences contribute to the formation of oneself. …

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Film Blade Runner: How Humans Create Themselves and the Machines that Mimic their Imperfections

In the movie, the main reason why the replicants came back to the earth was to search for their creator, a man named Tyrell who has refused to extend the replicants’ lives for the reason that their lives are only meant to last for four years. Tyrell's refusal angered the replicants, which has led them to confusion and despair. Although replicants are manmade creations, they do possess emotions, emotions then causes them to feel things that most humans also feel whenever they reach to a point where the right to live gets to become compromised due to some unexpected circumstances. If placed in the same shoes with the replicants, common sense will provoke a human being to do whatever it takes to survive despite knowing that the life they have is never theirs and that no accurate experiment or creation can hinder life's undetermined expiration. In other words, in this planet, no one is in control of life's longevity, not even science or humanity. Humans fear death; it is one thing that most people do take seriously. The idea of death then relates to the existence of the soul or the immaterial entity. An individual's physical body is believed to be separate from the so-called self, a notion, which is linked to what people call human nature. Human nature tells us that some things are destined to happen and that all human beings have a purpose in this world. ...
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