What is Abortion and is it Morally Permissible?

What is Abortion and is it Morally Permissible? Essay example
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The definition of abortion is defined by social, political, and cultural parameters from which the act takes on issues of morality. Whether or not the act of abortion is morally permissible is a complicated question.


In order to determine the ‘rightness’ or the ‘wrongness’ of the issue of abortion, virtue ethics can frame the issue, but the questions becomes how to define what is virtue and by whose standards it is defined. In deciding how to discuss abortion, defining the morality of the procedure is dependent upon the personal morals of the individual as they are influenced by their beliefs systems concerning the value of the life within the womb. The effect in the UK as abortion was made legal was profound. After the Abortion Act of 1968 came into existence the first observable consequence was a dramatic drop in emergent medical care as a result of poorly executed and illegal abortions. The number of abortions performed in the first year in England, Wales, and Scotland numbered at 23,641, which rose to 54,819 in 1969 and 160,000 in 1972.1 Through an examination of the statistics, the numbers reveal that a great number of people have determined that the procedure has value to them and that the morality of having the procedure either is irrelevant or they are in support of abortion as a moral choice. In addition, the number of women dying each year from poorly executed illegal abortions between 1926 and 1935 was between 400 and 500 per year.2 From this perspective, legal abortion saves the lives of women who might otherwise seek an illegal procedure. ...
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