Philosophical Prepositions by Fichte

Philosophical Prepositions by Fichte Essay example
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Philosophical prepositions by Fichte     Author’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Date due It is common knowledge that philosophy deals with wisdom. It deals with the choice between rational and irrational things or statements. It requires long-sighted individuals to get to the philosophical rhythm.


1963). Clearly, his prepositions are the basis of life. They help human beings to make decisions even the scientists who only believe in facts that can be proved. One of the prepositions is the ego as an aspect of identity. It indicates the originality of the human nature. Fichte argues that the ego is what comes first in decision-making. It controls the choices made by human beings in their daily life. This preposition is significant in that it brings out the aspect of individuality. Human beings need to be themselves. They need to make decisions in all categories of life rather than waiting for people to do it for them. Fichte says that this preposition dominates the whole being of a man. However, the decisions made by the person usually have effects in the future. Fichte asserts that there must be conscious when making choices (Copleston, F. 1963). This means ego is not the only factor that drives human being. In other words, there are some dangers related to the use of ego in decision-making. Experience is needed in making a choice rather than emotions. If one has absolute ego, it is argued that he might make decisions that he will regret in the future. There must be a balance between the ego and the conscious part of the human mind. ...
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