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What is a Theoretical Approach?

However, even if the philosophical topic is a changeable topic that cannot be sufficed by the formation of theories that try to explain such broad and complex concepts, formation of a comprehensive and all inclusive theoretical framework can give us an explicit way to aid in tracing and identifying any territory of philosophy. This would further increase our understanding of philosophical concepts, which are purported to be beyond human understanding (Costa, 2002). A theoretical approach refers to an organized set of principles put forward by an interested party in the study of a topic of interest put bring forth their conceptualization of a matter of importance. This theoretical approach must follow a given methodological approach to put it in the required context to further understanding. A prescriptive theoretical approach aims at explaining what a concept under study should be. It outlines definitions in order to give concept under study meaning that can be used to further understanding. This approach is not concerned about past events but focuses on the future to guide an analysis. A descriptive theoretical approach aims at explaining what philosophy has been by looking at the past. ...Show more


Theoretical approach.
Philosophers are entangled in the problem of understanding the nature of philosophy by bringing all its concepts to a theoretical network that they can use to further their understanding of different concepts…
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