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Epicurus' View On Death

This essay describes Epicurus and his views on death. He used to be one of the most popular philosophers whose contribution to the meaning of death was persistently disregarded. Death is the topic that surrounded by considerable philosophic controversies even in modern society. According to Epicurus and his philosophical views, death is neither pleasant nor painful. Therefore, based on this premise, death cannot be bad. The researcher suggests that Epicurus may be right in that death is not worth being feared of, as long as no one can escape it. It is more reasonable and rational for people to take death as something inevitable. Simultaneously, the difficulty interpreting the meaning of badness should not be dismissed and, despite its value, Epicurus’ view cannot guarantee that death is bad or horrid for everyone or that death is bad and horrid at all. The researcher also uses comparisons between Western and Eastern worlds to give better explanation on the topic. In the Western world, death is usually considered as an extremely bad and undesirable phenomenon. The relationship between death and badness is analyzed in the essay, it tends to be considered from three different standpoints. In conlusion, the researcher sums up Epicurean philosophy of death. It falls short from the arguments that could support or deny the criteria of badness proposed by Epicurus. Objectively, no one can know whether death is pleasurable or painless, and this is one of the major pitfalls of Epicurean death philosophy. ...Show more


This essay demonstrates and analyzes Epicurus’ view on death, that is one of the most controversial objects of philosophic analysis. This essay portrays death as the real mystery and nobody could tell for sure what could we meet in another world and if it exists for sure…
Author : collierfaye
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