Epicurus' View On Death

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Epicurus’ View on Death [Author’s Name] [University] Epicurus’ View on Death Introduction Death is one of the most controversial objects of philosophic analysis. The mystery surrounding death triggers the hearts and minds of modern philosophers. Death is the real mystery and nobody can tell us for sure what we can meet in another world and if it exists for sure.


Epicurus used to be one of the most popular philosophers, whose contribution to the meaning of death was persistently disregarded. According to Epicurus, death is neither pleasant nor painful; therefore, based on this premise, death cannot be bad. Simultaneously, the difficulty interpreting the meaning of badness should not be dismissed and, despite its value, Epicurus’ view cannot guarantee that death is bad for everyone or that death is bad at all. In the Western world, death is usually considered as an extremely bad and undesirable phenomenon. Death and mourning are inseparable, and only in rare cases death is believed to be a unique salvation for those who have lived their lives in physical or emotional tortures. Yet, more often than not, death is treated as bad and negative, a phenomenon that brings sadness and separation. Although most religions treat death as merely a transition from one spiritual state to another, most people do not find these assumptions reliable and comfortable. People are still very curious about the life after death, they want to know for sure what they can meet in another world. The relationship between death and badness tends to be considered from three different standpoints. ...
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