Stop the Violence: The Case Against Pot Prohibition

Stop the Violence: The Case Against Pot Prohibition Essay example
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Introduction The article “Stop the violence: The case against pot prohibition” written by Evan Wood and David Bratzer, have an important message appealing to the public and the policy makers for the legalization of marijuana distribution and usage. This is due to some important reasons: (1) One reason stated by the authors is the failure of marijuana prohibition program.


(4) Furthermore, the authors also assumed that regulation of marijuana just like with tobacco would potentially decrease the level of its usage or consumption. The authors were implying the best possible outcomes of regulation and taxation of marijuana, in short, this talks about issues on legalization. One of the probable strengths of the authors’ argument is its being positive about the subject matter especially on the cost and crime control. The entire argument is substantially focused on the cost and crime control. The authors were appealing to the human emotion that crime is substantially not good, and it should be totally eradicated. The authors should know this because they are internal medicine specialist and police officer by profession. However, the substantial weakness of their argument can be seen on their lack of providing sufficient data to directly link, for instance, with the percentage of crimes committed regarding marijuana distribution, usage and consumption. Furthermore, the authors focused so much on a certain perspective without considering the adverse impacts that may be brought by abusive or excessive usage of marijuana. ...
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