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Persuasive Narrative in Rhetoric

There are three main principles of narrative analysis. They are the principle of succession, principle of transformation, and the principle of mediation. The paper will use these principles in explaining the persuasive use of narrative rhetoric in Obama’s inaugural speech. Rhetoric is this case is the aspect of speaking effectively. The paper will also use narrative rationality to explain the persuasive effect of narrative in rhetoric. This paper will considerably focus on patho, logos, ethos, and their individual effect on persuasion in regards to narrative rational. Pathos, logos, and ethos are the three pillars of public speaking. They are the rhetoric styles of persuasion. I will use examples from the Obama inaugural speech to illustrate each of these points. The paper will then draw an informed conclusion on persuasive use of narrative in rhetoric. The Principle of succession is present in Obama’s inaugural speech. The Principle of succession relies on time and change to explain the meaning of the sequential arrangement of objects, elements, and incidents in a narrative (Scharf, 2003). Everything is in time. Stage for the speech was perfectly set in front of building constructed by black slaves. ...
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Persuasive Narrative in Rhetoric Narrativity is the relationship that exists between content and expression in a text or between a text and its inner meaning. Narratives help in organization and instilling sense in people’s lives. The definite meaning of any narrative can however not be understood by simply reading a narrative…
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