Thrasymachus and Hobbes vs. Socrates

Thrasymachus and Hobbes vs. Socrates Essay example
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Complete Name: Professor: Course: Date of Submission: Is Thrasymachus and Hobbes right to see human nature in such stark terms, or is Socrates right to see justice as something good in and of itself?  Prior to deciding who the righteous intellectual is regarding claims made either for human nature or justice, one might as well begin to consider deliberating upon how each perspective is delivered and which basis or grounds satisfy the premises established.


On the other hand, Thomas Hobbes and Thrasymachus share a nearly common insight whereby Hobbes proposes via “Leviathan” that man, by nature, is free the logic of which is based upon natural rights whereas Thrasymachus confers to defend the opposite side of justice and takes man’s freedom to agree with matters that are only advantageous to men regardless of whether or not justice is at work. ...
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