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Homosexuality: Unnaturally Moral?

It is the Vatican’s belief that homosexuality corrupts these very laws of nature, and nature’s order is where God is to be found. Sex for many years from the Vatican’s view was solely for the purpose of reproduction. Two people marry and then procreate throughout their union as often as God wills. I think any of us who have experienced it know sex is a sacred gift. There is not a more spellbinding, pleasurable act two people can explore and share together. And depending on the person you share it with the potential of intimacy is limitless. There is truly no other time one can feel so immersed with another. Sex is at its highest potential a soul-confiding expression of love. And many married couples have chosen not to have kids, or like some I know, are by nature, unable to conceive. Thus it is not God’s plan that every married couple has children. Therefore sex cannot be seen as only a means for child-bearing. These marriages when happy must still be acknowledged as good in God’s sight, even if no children come of them. The Vatican rightly concedes that the only purpose of sex is not for procreation, yet holds fast that should be the primary intent of intercourse. Expressing love seems as justifiable a purpose of love making. The Vatican argues homosexuality is immoral for the following reasons: it undermines a person’s fulfillment and happiness, is detrimental to health, is a threat to marriage and the family, corrupts the minds of the young and is a bad influence on children in same-sex families, and has catastrophic consequences for society. ...
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In questioning the morality of homosexuality, the argument at its core boils down to the concept of natural law. Natural law is not church law, or a set of rules created by men and society, but those laws instilled in us at birth, taught to us by nature and thereby timeless and universal. …
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