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Whether an Officer should turn in one of his/her Marines for a minor fracture of the law or should they take matters into their own hands? - Term Paper Example

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Whether an Officer should turn in one of his/her Marines for a minor fracture of the law or should they take matters into their own hands?

One of the most critical issues when evaluating the conditions of a particular case is to check whether a solution is more appropriate compared to another one, meaning that there are two options available. Such dilemma is common in the case of public services, where the following problem often appears: when an illegal activity takes place, the supervisor has the power to check the issue himself, without starting a formal procedure, which can often take a long time to be completed; in the meantime, this procedure can negatively affects the person under consideration. In the marine Corps the specific problem can be usual. Current paper focuses on the examination of the following issue: in case of a minor offence, should the supervisory officer send the issue to further examination using the command chain or he should examine it without delay taking all the necessary decisions by his own? The review of the literature published in this field leads to the assumption that the officer is obliged to follow the command chain. Even if the specific process leaves the specific issue to the discretion of the officer, still the resolution of the problem would be more effective through following the command chain. In this way, the following two targets are achieved: it is made clear across the service that fairness and equality, meaning to offences, are secured. ...Show more


The ability of people to understand right and wrong is often affected by a series of factors. When having to face the pressure of the social environment, an individual may proceed to false estimations in regard to the measures that need to be developed for handling a complex situation…
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