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Philosophy on Justice

This phenomenon is reflected in the dialogue between Socrates and Thrasymachus, as the dialogue has been incorporated in book I of Plato’s Republic. The view of Socrates on justice is in opposition with that of Thrasymachus, as revealed through the arguments developed by each of them. The evaluation of these arguments leads to the assumption that Socrates’ thoughts on justice are based on fairness and equality, a fact that ensures justice, in all its aspects. On the other hand, the view of Thrasymachus on justice follows a different direction, being able to result to social conflicts. It is probably for this reason that, at the end, Thrasymachus recognize the value of Socrates’ view on justice and accept his failure in understanding the actual role of individuals within the society, including their role in the promotion of justice. In accordance with Thrasymachus, ‘justice is nothing else but the interest of the most powerful’ (338c Plato’s Republic I). Thrasymachus defends the above definition by developing a series of arguments, as described below. At the first level, Thrasymachus states that the types of polities globally are many. There are countries based on monarchy, others are based on aristocracy and others are based on democracy (338d). ...
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In book I of Plato's Republic, Thrasymachus challenges Socrates with a very specific definition of Justice. What is this definition, and how does he defend it? What analogies do Socrates and Thrasymachus use to support their respective claims? How is Thrasymachus' position finally defeated?…
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