Homosexuality. Theory of Ethical Egoism and Theory of Cultural Relativism.

Homosexuality. Theory of Ethical Egoism and Theory of Cultural Relativism. Essay example
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The theory of ethical egoism implicates that the moral agents always tend to act in their own self-interests. This reaction is quite voluntary and well thought of when it comes to facing a situation that needs to make prompt decisions.


This is a form of consequentialism. As the term suggests, the reaction of a moral agent is the result of the consequences around him. To fight a particular situation requires high level decision making. The theory of ethical egoism relates honesty with relationships. The reaction of the ethical egoists may be in their individual self-interest but there is no harmful effect of this reaction on the opponents (Louis P. Pojman, 2008). Theory of Cultural Relativism Defining the theory in a to-the-point way identifies that cultural relativism means to understand different cultures in complete detail and depth. Any culture that appears intriguing to someone should be thoroughly read and comprehended before creating a final image of the culture in one’s mind. The religious norms and perceptions differ in every culture. The ideology of the nations is greatly responsible for shaping its culture. Therefore, understanding the cultures with a cold and an unbiased view is the actual way of grading the cultural aspects of a nation (Gary P. Ferraro, 2009 ). According to the sociologist William Graham Sumner “Different cultures have diverse moral codes, and the right way is the way which their ancestors used.” Cultural Relativism, has challenges our beliefs in the objectivity and universality of moral truth (Rachels?Rachels, 2010). ...
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