Pregnancy before Marriage

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Pregnancy before Marriage Sexual relations between opposite sexes are the generally and legally accepted among nations. Indeed, the ultimate goal of any relationship is to get intimacy. There are no conclusive answers on when to start having sex, and with whom.


Most religions recommend holy matrimonies and condemn premarital sexual relations. Some parents cannot discuss matters of sex, pregnancies, and marriage with their children. Because of this, this crucial topic is left to the children. Though purity seems valuable, abstinence is almost impossible. While some teens only want to enjoy sex, it is true that sex connects two people in body and spirit and thus cannot actualize as just fun. Because of these, there has been a lot of peer influence, commercialization of these topics in movies, magazines and songs that seemingly advice on these matters. This paper will give an account pro and con, state my view on this issue and give reasons for holding the universal appeal. The paper will also consider objections or counter-arguments to my position. In conclusion, the paper will respond to these objections or counter-arguments to my position. Although many governments’ advocate for abstinence and protected sex, these precautions do not matter when love and intimacy takes over. In a world where everybody is having unprotected sex at all stages in life, pregnancies are inevitable. In fact, the proportion of first births to 15-29-year-old women occurring before marriage has almost doubled in the United States since the early 1970s. Other statistics show that, “women who get pregnant before marriages are less likely to marry today than they were in the early 1970s” (DIGEST Web). ...
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