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Pregnancy before Marriage

This essay stresses that sex is a basic human need that all desire to enjoy with someone they care whether married or not. From a spiritual point of view, Christianity teaches that sex is actually good. In fact, God recommends it. There are teenagers who seek comfort in sexual relations when they feel incomplete and unappreciated. They engage in sexual relationships that in most cases lead to pregnancies long before they get married. Teens will like to control their lifestyles even when they are under parental care. Hence, when they feel that their parents are exerting too much control in their lives, they seek freedom, support, and affection outside the family. Indeed, they feel emotional security when they engage in sexual relationships with their partners.
This paper declares that christians and other religions have done little in talking about sex with some avoiding the topic completely. Our cultures assume that there is no control over sex and thus sex has become common before marriage. Actually many Christians are not considering it as a sin. The present lifestyle promotes sexual relationships and pregnancies before marriage. Teens that are in alcohol and drug use are susceptible to premarital sex because they lose control of their conscience and importance in life. The movies, the porn magazines, and the secular songs all predispose young people to premarital sex. Thus, teens who are their customers, are likely to buy their idea and start practicing sex before marriage. ...
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This paper will give an account pro and con, state my view on this issue and give reasons for holding the universal appeal. The paper will also consider objections or counter-arguments to my position. In conclusion, the paper will respond to these objections or counter-arguments to my position…
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