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[Student’s Full Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course Title] [March 02, 2012] Philosophy and Technology What is "the technological imperative? The “technological imperative” can be described as the attraction of always trying to achieve perfection in technology, or taking on complicated and difficult task (s) whichever is readily available (Pacey 1983, p.


99).It has been ominously declared since there is no way to stop the progress of technology, we should learn to be comfortable and live with it. Doomsayers predict that since with the technology we possess we can destroy the planet, “we eventually will”. The self-sufficiency of technological leads to the oft quoted inference that technological events that cause change are usually irreversible. To support this contention, a lot of intellectuals who hold or expound theories usually quote similar inventions isolated in different geographic regions. “Technological determinism” is basically associated or compared with the general aspect of inexorableness or predictability, and is also referred to as the “the technological imperative. The overriding principle of the technological is that when a specific technology poses a difficult challenge, which is doable, then this specific action must be done because it is a challenge, but technically possible (moral imperative) and must (as an operational requirement) it will eventually be undertaken, even if just for the sheer challenge of doing what is difficult but practically possible (Hasan Ozbekhan 1968). ...
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