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The Mind/Body Problem

One research line states that some mind-body problems come from artificial intelligence research. One such problem can be solved by the clear knowledge hardware and software interaction and relationship. The other line of research shows that mind-body relation might be illuminated by the study of emergence in the biological systems. Mind-body dualism or dualism is a theory that holds that minds and brains both exist, and neither the mind nor the brain is part of each other. Both Hinduism and non-Advaitic Vedanta agree with mind-body dualism as when the soul moves through different incarnations, this then is something that can independently exist of the body. If Atman’s individuality is preserved by atman and Brahman fusion, then atman might exist independently without the being of human body. Pre-Socratic Pythagoras was the first western philosopher to agree with dualism. Ancient Egyptian doctrines (religious) that he inherited held that a nonphysical part of a human being survives death. He too believed that the soul reincarnates. Plato too was a mind-body dualist as in his dialogue The Phaedo, he concludes the soul survives after the death of the body. Aristotle was also a mind-body dualist. He supported the idea that the intellectual part of the soul lives forever. 1 Mind-body dualism is not subscribed to by Orthodox Christianity as they believe that human immortality is in the hope of bodily resurrection. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date Mind-Body Problem The relation between the mind and the body is what is termed as mind-body problem. More specific this is the relation between the mind and the brain. Mind-body problem is also explained as the interaction between the mind and the body…
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