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Anger, Aggression and communication

It is evidently clear from the discussion that frustration has been linked to anger when an obstruction of motivationally relevant goals has been observed. In order for angry affect to occur the situation must be understood and personally important. In other words, there must be a goal that is blocked and others may be blamed. In many circumstances, the blockage of this personally relevant goal can be viewed as either legitimate or illegitimate (unfair). Weiss, Suckow, and Cropanzano investigated the effect of unfairness of a particular outcome on reported levels of anger. As the amount of unfairness increased so did the level of anger. It is important to maintain the distinct difference between anger and aggression. Anger is an affect, an emotion, while aggression is a destructive or hostile behavior. Frustration has been studied with aggression as well as with anger. Dollard et al. were some of the first researchers to investigate the effects of frustration on aggression. They found that the obstruction of an expected reward created increased levels of aggression. More recently Leonard Berkowitz and his colleagues have modified this theory. In general it is accepted that the blockage of some personally relevant goal leads to frustration, which in turn may lead to anger and/or aggression. The type of frustration required to elicit an anger response may not need to be a goal of long standing personal relevance. Roseman investigated appraisals involving emotions and concluded that transient rewards or fleeting punishments can produce anger arousing affect. ...Show more


This paper focuses upon aggression, anger and frustration that are of particular concern among the mental health community, schools, and society at large. Many studies have determined that frustration, anger, and aggression are related, such that an increase in one is associated with an increase in the other…
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