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Research Paper example - Anger, Aggression and communication

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Research Paper
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Running Head: ANGER, AGGRESSION AND COMMUNICATION Anger, Aggression and Communication [Name] [University] Anger, Aggression and Communication Introduction In my life I have been through many situations when I lost control and involve in verbal and physical aggression…

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In addition, there is evidence indicating that people may become more aggressive in a frustrating situation, specifically, when anger is primed (Betsch et al., 1999). The role of communication with these previously mentioned variables is not as clear. However, it can be noted that humans are capable of determining a wide array of emotions, including anger, in both verbal and nonverbal capacities. From personal experience I have noted that when given an apology, people are more likely to rate the offender of the negative action as more positive and report less aggressive affect as compared to when no apology is given. Frustration, Anger, and Aggression Frustration has been linked to anger when an obstruction of motivationally relevant goals has been observed. In order for angry affect to occur the situation must be understood and personally important. In other words, there must be a goal that is blocked and others may be blamed (Berkowitz, & Harmon, 2004). In many circumstances, the blockage of this personally relevant goal can be viewed as either legitimate or illegitimate (unfair). Weiss, Suckow, and Cropanzano (1999) investigated the effect of unfairness of a particular outcome on reported levels of anger. As the amount of unfairness increased so did the level of anger. It is important to maintain the distinct difference between anger and aggression. ...
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