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Spankin children under 3years old

ws believe that spanking a child below the age of three is irrelevant as some studies have stated that a child can not make a connection between the spanking and his or her poor behavior. They also view spanking as a primitive mode of punishment that should be abolished. This paper will analyze the two viewpoints and establish which one has more substance.
One of the major differences between the two viewpoints is the fact that they both have a different definition of the term spanking. Depending on the method used, spanking can be abusive. A child should only be spanked with a bare hand on a clothed bottom. This does not inflict any damage to the child’s body, however, is painful enough to let him or her know that he has done something wrong.
Children tend to be less attentive when there are no consequences to their actions. In addition, they tend to learn more from practical experiences. Children do not repeat things that inflict a little pain on them and at the appropriate age spanking could be a good disciplinary tool. The opposing views however claim that spanking motivates children to fight and hit others. This however is a misconception, as do not analyze things in this viewpoint. Children simply feel they have been punished for doing something wrong. They rarely dwell on the fact that they have been hit. This is different to abuse when children are beaten for no reason. In addition, spanking children will not encourage them to hit others the same way grounding will not motivate them to ground other children.
The decision to spank a child is clearly a decision of the parents and not other external sources. Intervention may only be taken to protect a child not regulate how families decide to raise their children. It is ethically incorrect to legally ban spanking, as it is an invasion of the family’s privacy. When parents decide to spank their child, it is an act of discipline and love intended to improve a child’s character for the future. Hence, ...
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There has been ongoing debate on the effects spanking has on children below the age of three years old and whether or not it actually serves its intended purpose which is discipline. This debate has been going on for decades, with more people placing emphasis on the rights of…
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