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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Philosophy of Law The past regime of governance for this state was coupled with a myriad of unlawful acts. The country still utilized the ancient constitution that failed to enforce justice for the unlawful acts that many committed.


The incoming government took no initiative to amend the ancient constitution that the country had used for long. The judicial system continued to be intact. According to the source, judges who conducted cases and arrived at conclusions that contrasted the party’s expectations underwent severe punishment such as death (Fuller). After recent elections that resulted to overthrowing of this regime, a new government possessing a new constitution and a rule of law came into power. I assumed the post of the minister in charge of justice. Therefore, considering the evil deeds of the former regime, it is my responsibility to intervene on what I ought to do concerning the grudge informers. In addition, I have to give my recommendations on the same. As the minister of justice, I would adopt the recommendations provided by the first and the second deputies. According to the first deputy, it is apparent that we can do little to the grudge informers. Upon a careful review of the acts that they reported, it is clear that most of them were unlawful. This is with respect to the constitution of the day. According to him, it is clear that the sentences imposed to such individuals adhered to the principles of the law that governed the nation. ...
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