Are there Cultural differences in Chinese and American Negotiations ?

Are there Cultural differences in Chinese and American Negotiations ? Essay example
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International negotiations Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date International negotiations The existence of the world greatly depends on the relationships between individuals and nations. These relationships are promoted by the ability of nations to formulate proper trading systems.


These cultural differences make negotiations between nations extremely complex. Negotiations between two nations with different cultural views need a specific agreement which suits both parties. For instance, negotiations between America and Chinese may prove to be difficult since the two countries have completely different cultural views. These cultural differences include the take on freedom of expression, collectivism and individualism, social structure, moral and values and business relations. Since the two nations are among the trade super powers in the world, they must find a way to carry out these negotiations. This paper will highlight the cultural differences between the two nations and ways in which they incorporate their differences to carry out successful negotiations. The paper will also give a clear perspective on whether the negotiations are made out of will or out of circumstances. ...
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