Should Abortion be Legal?

Should Abortion be Legal? Essay example
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Should Abortion Be Legal Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Should Abortion Be Legal Human beings have moved ahead from the period of Stone Age to a time of development and understanding. Every individual understands his rights and his freedom of choice and this understanding of the individuals has led to the sparking of new controversies and debates.


Abortion is a very sensitive issue and proponents of abortion believe that it is the right of the woman to opt for this decision. This stand has been opposed by people who believe that the fetus bears the potential to turn into a complete human being and abortion is equivalent to the ending of an individual’s life. Abortion is a controversial issue and it should only be legally allowed in the circumstances where the life of the mother may be in danger owing to the pregnancy and this practice should not be permitted legally in other circumstances. Abortion has been opposed on ethical, religious as well as medical grounds. An individual should use his liberty and thinking to opt for what he considers correct or incorrect. But this freedom should not be used in a wrong way so that it leads to negative effects. Pope John Paul II explained this issue and presented that all human beings should maintain a correct balance between their rights of liberty and the important decisions of their life. Abortion is an example where this balance is lost. The negativities of abortion should be considered before opting for this strong step. ...
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