Bertrand Russell and his View of Reality

Bertrand Russell and his View of Reality Essay example
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Bertrand Russell and his View of Reality Understanding the Stark Difference between Perception and Reality By Name Subject Professor Date of Submission Introduction Bertrand Russell’s discussion of reality begins with the process of knowing, which can be examined in three facets: firstly, the nature of the senses as the self’s ‘window’ to the external world; secondly, the essence of sensation in relation to the self that experiences, the object that is being experienced, and the circumstance that binds the self and the object; and lastly, the nature of judgment as a manifestation of awareness.


To him, it is essential to clarify: first, if there is an external physical world, or is the world known merely an orderly combination of concepts and ideas; and secondly, the quality of knowledge held about the physical object. In this paper, we aim to provide a concise exploration of Russell’s ideas about reality and perception by going through his process of knowing, and the issues surrounding the authenticity of human awareness. Then, we assess his ideas by evaluating the strength of its logic from the metaphysical point-of-view. The Nature of Knowing The self is able to connect with the external world through the senses. Knowledge, in this regard, starts with the experience of a physical object through seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or touching. What is obtained about the object is called sense-data, and what allows for the capturing of these data is called sensation. For example, in the self’s experience of an apple, its redness and smoothness are regarded to be the sense-data which are captured through sensation—by seeing and touching. ...
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