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Genetic Engineering

Also known as gene modification, genetic engineering refers to the manipulation of genes. This technology involves removing a gene from one organism and inserting it into another organism. The removed genes are often put into yeast cells or bacteria to enable scientists study the protein or gene it produces more easily. The technology can be used to find cures to deadly diseases and enable people to live happy lives without being worried about having AIDS or any other deadly diseases. However, genetic engineering can lead to ethical issues such as unfairness, “Playing God”, or programming a human being. The most significant beneficial impact of genetic engineering is gene therapy. Gene therapy refers to the medical treatment of a disease by fixing or replacing imperfect genes or introducing curative genes to fight the disease. Despite the debate about genetic engineering, the laws in most countries seem to uphold genetic engineering research and development by permitting genetically engineered organisms to be patented. These patents give scientists domination over their genetically engineered species. Regardless, we must not linger and see the impacts genetic engineering will have on the earth. We must form informed opinions, advocate government regulation and anticipate that a whatever path this technology takes us, is an affirmative step towards enhanced environmental sustainability, reduced animal torment, and overall considerate regard for the earth and its valuable life. ...
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The researcher of this descriptive essay mostly focuses on the discussion of the topic of genetic engineering technology and analyzing the issue of removing a gene from one organism and inserting it into another organism. Moreover, he describes advantages and disadvantages of this method…
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