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Preservation of Justice as the Power to Rightness

In the fall off the devil, Anselm says the angels that did not fall are free, and yet cannot sin. This proves that to Anselm, freedom construes the right, and ability to act in the right reason, or meaning having the right intention that cannot lead to sin. In this paper I will review the validity of Anselm’s argument in the statement that “after Satan fell, the angels that did not fall are free and yet cannot sin.” First I will evaluate Anselm’s view relating to the nature of God, secondly, I will review Anselm’s argument concerning, being and the essence of being. This will then lead to the relation between ‘being,’ and preservation of good and evil, evaluating how a being is regarded to be good or evil as related to act and intention of such a being. Finally I will evaluate the dilemma concerning freedom of choice, which will be essential in proving the hypothesis above. In Anselm's argument on free will, God, angels and humans are considered as rational beings able make viable decisions. Anselm view justice as the ability to will what one ought to will, meaning they possessed justice in willing what they ought to will, and sine they were rational beings, the good angles had the potential to sin, but refrained form it by choice. The essence of any being is to obtained justice by wiling what they ought to will; just as the good angels refrained from sin. ...Show more


Name: Course: Date: Preservation of Justice as the Power to Rightness The concept of will is a central theme in Anselm of Canterbury’s entire philosophical context. The freedom to choose in Anselm’s philosophy is central in determining the rightness of such will…
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