Nietzsche on Justice: An Equalization of Suffering

Nietzsche on Justice: An Equalization of Suffering Essay example
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Name Subject Professor 13 March 2012 Nietzsche on Justice: An Equalization of Suffering Justice in modern times is sought in every aspect of man’s action. It is defined as the quality of being just, impartial or fair (Merriam-Webster Editors 484). But the word justice comprises complex views and understanding.


Sometimes it is defined in terms of equality—as what the author of this essay simply understood the word, everyone should get or have the same amount or treatment taking for example respect, and it should be given to everybody regardless of the status in a community. This definition of justice is the one people are most familiar with today because of the great association of the term with regards to the law and the rights of every individual as a citizen. On the other end of this, justice is served if a person is made to suffer in proportion to the harm inflicted upon others which yields the concept of retaliation. Another way to define justice is in terms of equity—people should get benefits in proportion to what they contributed to producing those benefits, meaning the harder a person work the more he should be compensated. Still another definition of justice focuses on process. Outcome is just if obtained by a fair process or by just means (Conflict research Consortium). According to a source establishing justice is important to any society, but sometimes justice seems to be continually elusive. A question on what is 'justice' and what needs to be done in order to ensure that it exists was imposed. Today, some might argue that true justice does not and cannot exist in a society where people have differing levels of power (Cline). ...
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