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Fine Tuning Argument Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: The Fine Tuning Argument Fine tuning argument postulates that there are particular set of cosmological factors or important physical constants which are in such a way that if they had been different slightly, then the universe would not have intelligent and therefore it could not support life (Van Inwagen, 1993).


Moreover, there would only the low density hydrogen would be present which would be get dispersed over time. Consequently, fine tuning argues that such a universe would not have allowed the evolution of life. On the other hand, had the expansion speed been a bit lower, the universe would have collapsed immediately thereby no life could be sustained. In the light of this argument, a life sustaining universe is seen to have emerged because of the presence of just the right conditions (Van Inwagen, 1993). Other parameters that seem to have been fined tuned include the magnitudes of forces, the proton to neutron mass differences and the evenness of early universe (Van Inwagen, 1993). Fine tuning argument advances a hypothesis that the universe resulted from purposeful design (Van Inwagen, 1993). Despite the fact that the designing agent must not have been God, fine tuning holds that God is a center of the fine tuning of different aspects. Peter van Inwagen is one of the proponents of the fine tuning and supports an argument by giving an analogy that if a machine has dials, these dials must be set in a particular way so that it runs in the desired way (Van Inwagen, 1993). ...
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