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What are the sources of epistemology? What are the limits and structure of epistemology? If it is considered as a study of justified belief (JB), epistemology deals to reply to such questions as: How are we able to comprehend the idea of justification? What are the factors which make these justified beliefs justify? Is this justification external or internal to one’s own mind? Broadly comprehend epistemology deals with issues of dissemination and creation of knowledge in specific areas of question. This paper talks about what epistemology is, how it relates to justified belief, what is justified belief and explains the project of Descartes. (Audi, 1993) There are several types of knowledge: recognizing how something can be done (for instance, how can you ride a bicycle), knowing anyone in person, and knowing about a city or a place. Even though such type of knowledge consists of epistemological interest too, we shall emphasize on the knowledge of propositions and also relate to such type of knowledge by means of the schema ‘S knows p’, in which ‘S’ is the subject who has all the knowledge and ‘p’ stands for the proposition that is known to us. Now our query will be: What are the compulsory and adequate criterions for S to know that p? We may broadly differentiate, between a non-traditional and traditional approach used in responding to this question. ...
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What is epistemology? If we define it narrowly, it is the study of justified belief and knowledge. If epistemology is considered as a study of knowledge, it deals with the following questions: What are the sufficient and necessary conditions for knowledge? …
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