Criticize Elizabeth Anderson's Claim that the Autonomy of Women will be Promoted by Banning Commercial Surrogacy Contracts

Criticize Elizabeth Anderson
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Your name Course name Professor’s name Date of submission Criticism of Elizabeth Anderson’s claim that the Autonomy of Women will be promoted by Banning Commercial Surrogacy Contracts Introduction Surrogacy refers to a relationship where a woman on behalf of another person or a couple bears and gives birth to a child.


If the intended mother has the ability to produce eggs that are fertile but is unable to carry the pregnancy then gestational surrogacy can be used. In this process, the egg of the intended mother would be removed and combined with that of the husband or a sperm from another man and finally implanted in the replacement mother. Surrogacy arrangements can be either altruistic or commercial. In altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate mother would be compensated for expenses incurred or sometimes not paid at all. On the other hand, the surrogate would be paid all expenses incurred during the entire period of the pregnancy plus a fee in commercial surrogacy. In this surrogacy, the surrogate mother and the adoptive parents come up with a commercial surrogacy contract that regulates their relationship for the entire period of the pregnancy. Criticism I disagree with Elizabeth Anderson’s claim that the autonomy of women would be promoted by banning commercial surrogacy contracts. As a matter of fact, commercial surrogacy has enabled many infertile couples in the entire world to have children. There exist few children for adoption and even the requirements for one to qualify as an adoptive parent are hard to meet. ...
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