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The Existence of God: Theories of Thomas Aquinas and St. Anselm - Essay Example

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The Existence of God: Theories of Thomas Aquinas and St. Anselm

If God is there, how does he permit evil to attack each and every segment of humankind in this world? Poverty, starvation deaths, mindless violence and bloodshed in wars, untimely deaths of the loved ones and many such happenings that engulf humankind are highly unreasonable. The contents of Bible are revelations of God. The book, in totality, is meant to be the word of God. The revelations condemn negativities like theft, murder and adultery. It is hard to believe that the all-powerful, the infinite good being, the all-knowing God can permit such things to happen. Not only condemn through the book, He needs to abolish them altogether and control all sorts of evil. If God is the “heavenly father,” why should He make his children suffer and why is He reluctant to weed out evil from the face of this earth? The second theory of Aquinas is, apart from the God-principle, there are alternative principles that account for everything we see in the world outside, supposing that God does not exist. The seemingly different principles can be clubbed into one principle, that of nature and therefore it is not necessary to argue for God’s existence. This rationale of Aquinas is amenable for reasoning and therefore is acceptable. This is simple, measurable and visible and looks to be principle of nature without any fallacy. Assumption of the existence of God is a complex proposition, one is unable to see His presence, and He is not measurable and is inconceivable as well Nature accounts for gradual development of mankind and even other species and it is proved by scientific theories of existence and functioning of nature. Planet Earth has come into existence as explained in the “The Big Bang” theory and the development of human being from a unicellular organism to multi-cellular one is explained by science. I am in agreement with both the theories of Aquinas and therefore disbelieve the existence of God. Mere imagination cannot be the proof for existence; faith also cannot offer the proof for God’s existence. Aquinas elucidates the merits of the opposite of his earlier stance and tenders five arguments for the existence of God. One: “The Argument From Change.” Aquinas takes recourse to the “theories of motion.” “Motion exists in” this world and that “is caused by” some other source and therefore the present motion needs to be explained by an original cause of the motion and he is God. The implied meaning of motion is life. “For it is impossible for something with potentiality for motion, to advance itself to actuality of motion.” Two: “The Argument From Causation.” As per this theory Aquinas relies on the theory of Causation “for the existence of God.” We are aware that the cause of something is some other thing. It is not possible “for something to cause itself.” For the progression of anything—man or nature—to infinity, the cause needs to be found elsewhere. If one negates the “first cause (God)” effect is inconceivable. “We do exist and” are in the process of treading to infinity and there must be the first power, God, which humanity strives to identify and discover as God. Three: “The Argument From Contingency.” In this argument his focus is “on the factor of Contingency.” He argues that something “in the Universe” has the capacity to exist and not to exist “ ...Show more


Subject: Philosophy Date: March 25, 2012 Topic: Discuss Thomas Aquinas's criticisms of the view that God's existence is self-evident. The Existence of God: Theories of Thomas Aquinas and St. Anselm Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican Monk (1225-1274) has argued two theories for the non-existence of God with inherent contradiction…
Author : linwood27
The Existence of God: Theories of Thomas Aquinas and St. Anselm
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