Woman In The Dunes

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Woman in the Dunes
The film “Woman in the Dunes”, directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara, was released in 1964. It was based on the 1962 novel by Kobo Abe. It is a story about an entomologist named Jumpei Niki who goes on an expedition to study insects that inhabit sand dunes.


As he set out for his expedition, he was late and thus missed the last bus back to the city. The villagers offer him a place to spend the night, guiding him down a rope ladder to a house that is under a sand quarry (Morris 1). This is the home of a young woman called Kyoko Kishida, who lives alone as her husband had died due to a sandstorm. She is employed to dig up sand for construction by the villagers, and prevent it from burying the house. On waking up the following morning, the ladder that he had climbed down on was gone. He realizes that it was a trap, as the villagers force him to stay there and help the woman in digging up the sand. Discovering that it was the villagers’ plan for him to stay there permanently, he makes several escape attempts, but they all fail (Crowther 1). Later, he learns that the woman is comfortable with the life that she lives since she knows no other life. His main task is trying to figure out how to escape from his trapped life, and at the same time, co-exist with the woman. The story later takes a turn in that, with time, Jumpei and Kyoko have a strong physical attraction for each other (Morris 1). They later adapt to each other and become lovers, despite their suffering in confinement. The producer has depicted how life can turn out to be what was not expected. The bad situation for Jumpei ends up getting him a woman to love. ...
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