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The Human Understanding is Unquiet; It Cannot Stop or Rest and Presses Onward, but in Vain - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The Human Understanding is Unquiet; It Cannot Stop or Rest and Presses Onward, but in Vain

The author refers to the human efforts as incessant and never ending, but adds a conclusion that it is in vain. Knowledge is endless, understanding is timeless and limitless, it encompasses the fringes of the universe and perhaps even beyond of which we are an infinitesimally small speck. Yet our continuous efforts through thousands and thousands of years handed over from generation to generation, funded with large amount of finances and through the collective study and research of the most powerful minds mankind has ever seen, seem a futile effort, a desperate attempt to unravel the great eternal secret. The author though the word “but in vain” conveys the perception and the feeling of humanity in the edge trying to seek the greatest and ultimate knowledge. Through the words “human understanding is unquiet, it cannot stop or rest and presses onward”, conveys the insatiable hunger of mankind to enlighten itself to understand nature within itself and outside be it through astronomical breakthroughs, biological breakthroughs and technological advancements. According to the author, despite mankind’s intense and continuous effort to know more, to comprehend the eternally elusive truths, to capture the ultimate revelation, it would be in vain. ...Show more


1. The human understanding is unquiet; it cannot stop or rest and presses onward, but in vain.” The endeavour of man, here referred to as “human understanding” is insatiable. It is a never ending and a ceaseless activity that goes on without seeming to end…
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