The Woman in the Dunes

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The Woman in the Dunes: A Reflective Essay The Woman in the Dunes is a multifaceted piece of work, examining a broad range of subjects and their underlying emotions and connotations. It examines in almost equal enterprise the nature of time, human beings as individuals and human beings as a society, but it ultimate focus seems to be on the nature of an individual, his different levels of behavior in reaction to the various situations he is placed in and the resignation of human beings to their fate.


Further examples are shown when he tries to escape the dunes, but failing to do so, gets to work and starts finding useful things to do, ultimately coming up with a ‘technology’ to get water from the dunes around him. These various examples all point towards the same human truth. Is that truth the adaptability of humans, or is it the helplessness of humans, which once resigned to is rewarded by fate? Ultimately, human beings are helpless creatures. While they have a certain amount of free will and control over their lives, they are in all actuality confined to live within a certain prescribed realm, and only able to excise free will within those conformities. No action can be made out of that predefined real, and any action made even within it is subject to many levels of unpredictability, leaving their resulting conclusion out of our hands. ...
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