Frankenstein's Attempt to Unearth the Secrets of Life

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Frankenstein’s Attempt to Unearth the Secrets of Life: An Act of Amending the Nature’s Imperfection Introduction The vicious mistake that a reader can most likely commit while reading Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly’s “Frankenstein” is to interpret the protagonist’s attempt to create life as an act of going against nature and the will of God.


But this proposition of Frankenstein’s crime against nature can be challenged by a simple rhetorical question, “Does Frankenstein create a real monster?” Textual evidences ultimately show that Doctor Frankenstein has not created a real monster as per the assumption that man cannot grasp the secrets of life and death; rather his ignorance about how to nurture his creature that apparently looks like an evil causes the final havoc he suffers in the end of the novel. By successfully creating a childlike imitative being, in the very first place he proves that the secrets of life and death are obviously knowledgeable by man. Meanwhile he nullifies the supposition that seeking the secrets of life and death is nothing profane. But Frankenstein’s true crime is that he abandons his creature immediately after its birth. Obviously this crime is caused by his ignorance about his responsibility that greater knowledge imposes upon him. Thus Frankenstein commits crime against nature by refusing to play the motherly role of nurturing the creature; but not by seeking the secrets of life. ...
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