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Legalizing Medical Marijuana Will Have More Benefits to Society than Disadvantages

In the process, I will explain and defend my position on this issue. Personally, I believe that medical marijuana should be legalized because it would be more beneficial to the society. The theory of cultural relativism is based on the simple fact that different societies have different moral codes, and it is therefore wrong to castigate someone because of his/her practices, behaviors or actions. These moral codes vary from one society to the other, a fact that makes difficult and unfair to judge anyone because a lot of things look and feel relative. For example, it is therefore unfair to judge someone for using marijuana, because there is a possibility that in his/her society it is totally acceptable. According to Sumner (2009), in most cultures right and wrong is judged according to societal values. On the other hand, the theory of ethical subjectivism claims that what we feel (moral reasoning) cannot be classified as right or wrong, because they are not factual (Stevenson, 2008). What we feel cannot therefore be used as a yardstick to tell right from wrong and hence criticize other people’s actions and beliefs. For instance, just because I feel that medical marijuana should not be legalized does not give me the right to criticize people who feel that it should be legalized. ...Show more


Legalizing Medical Marijuana will have more Benefits to Society than Disadvantages (Author’s Name) (Institutional Affiliation) Introduction Marijuana is a subject that has stirred, generated and dominated debates around the world for a very long time. It divides opinion everywhere, and its use is popular as it is unpopular…
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