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Mussolini's War Speech

Such regimes flourished during the politically uncertain period in Europe following the First World War. Italy and Germany were the most important centers of such fascist governments. The arguments that are provided by Mussolini for the war against Ethiopia, a country which they had failed to subdue for around a century are not scientifically valid. Economically and as far as military might was concerned, Italy would not have been able to hold up against the might of the Allied powers alone, who supported the League of Nations, which had condemned the attack on Ethiopia (Italy in the Second World War). Mussolini’s claim that “to acts of war”, he would “reply with acts of war” (Mussolini Justifies War Against Ethiopia) is thus, based on his needs to rouse his countrymen and gain their support rather than a scientifically legitimate claim on his part. The text talks of the need to invade Ethiopia at a point of time when the sentiments of the international community were against such an invasion. Italy did not really have the ability to stand against such opposition as was proven in a disastrous manner by the Second World War. Mussolini’s claims are based on hope and intuition and not on reports of diplomatic understanding. ...
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Mussolini’s War Speech Writer’s Student Number and number Name of Instructor Mussolini’s War Speech Benito Mussolini’s speech that justified the war against Ethiopia on October 2, 1935 was one that was delivered with the intention of rousing his armies against Ethiopia and the nations which had opposed the war…
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