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Philosophy Name: Institution: Introduction Question 1: Feminine touch in advertizing Sut Jhally studied communication at the university level. She uses the late sociologist Erving’s revolutionary study of advertising to the contemporary marketable scenery in this confrontational original film about femininity as a ritualized cultural presentation.


It centers on biological disparity of surface objectification and splendor, taking people into the two way terrain of identity individuals, and dictates power relations (Jhally 2009, 3). The film concentrates mainly on the fundamental importance of gender, power, and the people’s discernment of what it means to be a male or a female (Jhally 2009, 3). Question 2: Using the word ‘man’ to refer to male and female The term man is derived from the older version of English; its structure had a default meaning ‘the mature male’. The logical thinker uses it to refer to both male and female (Beauvoir 1977, 13). This supposedly portrays chauvinism despite its unique understanding. The logical thinking of why both male and female are referred to as Man follows that; the word men stands for thinking. This means that man is a thinker– male and female are thinkers. This terms them both as men. The general meaning of man has gone down but still endured in different ways like mankind, human and is now mostly seen as ancient, with the word used almost entirely to refer to mature male (Beauvoir 1977, 13). Question 3: Connection between sexes (physiological categories of male and female) Simone De Beauvoir’s recognition holds in her revolutionary magnum opus, The Second Sex. ...
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