Has Humanity Progressed?

Has Humanity Progressed? Essay example
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Since the inception to date, the human race has nurtured and built upon its experience and developed the world around it. The advancement in technology has facilitated the lives of the human beings and they have obtained education to explore new possibilities in the field of medicine, engineering and finance.


Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes Leviathan is a sea monster which has been referred to as the gatekeeper of hell and has been mentioned in the Bible. Hobbes introduced his Leviathan philosophy and this was one of the most important philosophies using the principle of social contract. In his theory, Hobbes discussed that the best way to reach social unity is by the establishment of a social contract where the people combine to form a central power, or government, and give their consent to an agreed set of rules and regulations. He stated that by nature, every man is considered as a competition by another and compared humans to animals with respect to violence. Hobbes stated: “The condition of man . . . is a condition of war of everyone against everyone” (Good Read) With the existence of a social contract, any social unrest is less likely to happen and with all the people having representation in the central authoritative body, there is also less chance of a civil war. (Infidels) When we take this into consideration and analyze whether humanity has actually progressed or not, it can be observed that humanity has not improved at all. ...
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