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Has Humanity Progressed - Essay Example

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Has Humanity Progressed

Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes
Leviathan is a sea monster which has been referred to as the gatekeeper of hell and has been mentioned in the Bible. Hobbes introduced his Leviathan philosophy and this was one of the most important philosophies using the principle of social contract. In his theory, Hobbes discussed that the best way to reach social unity is by the establishment of a social contract where the people combine to form a central power, or government, and give their consent to an agreed set of rules and regulations. He stated that by nature, every man is considered as a competition by another and compared humans to animals with respect to violence. Hobbes stated:
“The condition of man . . . is a condition of war of everyone against everyone” (Good Read)
With the existence of a social contract, any social unrest is less likely to happen and with all the people having representation in the central authoritative body, there is also less chance of a civil war. (Infidels)
When we take this into consideration and analyze whether humanity has actually progressed or not, it can be observed that humanity has not improved at all. People still have the nature of considering everyone as a competitor for them and they have become less tolerant to each other. People, in the form of nations, are fighting with each other to win others’ territory either due to the important strategic location or resources. Groups are fighting with each other on grounds of religion, and the threat factor has increased so much that despite majority of the religions fighting preach peace, yet their believers are displaying the worst form of human rights violation. Although many may argue that the popularity of democracy shows that the social contract may exist, but the truth remains that despite our actions to solve our issues with the help of a central authoritative body, we still have the same mentality and thus it shows that the humanity has not progresses with the passage of time. However, this is the application of a single theory, and the discussion continues with reference to other philosophies. Discourse on Inequality by Jean-Jacques Rousseau The discourse on inequality was introduced by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the year 1754. This philosophy states that people by nature are just and usually promote equality, but the exposure to the world that is nurture alters their behavior and they get busy in chasing the supremacy over each other, hence promoting the inequality. Rousseau stated that the only difference between humans and animals is that humans have a temptation for perfection, and it is this perfection than motivates people to gain supremacy and dominance over each other. It allows them to adapt to different situations and when they socialize, there is a longing in them to gain dominance over another and only that will make them happy. (SparkNotes) “Such was, or must have been, the origin and society of society and laws, which gave new fetters to the weak and new powers to the rich, irretrievably destroyed natural liberty, established forever the law of property and inequality, made clever usurpation into an irrevocable right, and, for the benefit of a few ambitious individuals, henceforth subjected the whole human race to labor, servitude, and misery.” ...Show more


This paper will analyze the changes shown by the humanity in light of all several philosophical theories which includes the Leviathan theory by Thomas Hobbes, Discourse on Inequality by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Enlightenment by Immanuel Kant, and the German ideology by Karl Marx…
Author : caesarchamplin
Has Humanity Progressed essay example
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