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Consent: A Philosophical Dilemma

In this article, I provide reasons to support O’Neill’s argument regarding the validity of consent as the fundamental principle in dealing with others. First, I evaluate the moral dimensions of treating others as they would like. Secondly, I address the validity of consent in justifying the way others are treated, thirdly I address the issue of hypothetical consent and moral actions, fourth, I address the issues of Kantian alternative and the Formula of the end principle, and finally how these ideas are applicable in job and relationship issues The moral ideals of treating others as persons is not primarily a matter of treating people as they want or would want to be treated. Though O’Neill (253) argues that involved employers treat employees as persons, first, there would be a need for cognitive maturity in making decisions regarding the best treatment approach, regardless of the employee’s views. For example, an employee may not want to be involved in a certain project due to lack of knowledge or information. The cognitive ability of the employer to know the benefits of such program to employees may overrule what the employee actually wants in implementing it. ...
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Name: Course: Date: Consent: A Philosophical Dilemma The debate regarding morality and rightness of actions based on individual’s consent may be considered as a dilemma in ethical practices. In his philosophical arguments, Kant noted that the basic moral principle to treat people is by respecting and recognizing the right to decent or consent to any possibilities…
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