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Essay example - The Philosophy of Epicurus

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Philosophy 101 April 3, 2012 Home Work “The Philosophy of Epicurus” Introduction 1. How may we infer from what Epicurus says in the first paragraph of his “Letter to Menoeceus” that he believed everyone to be capable of seeking wisdom? By interpreting Epicurus’s reasoning we can infer that everyone is capable of seeking wisdom…

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By reasoning inductively, he says that since both the young and the old can seek wisdom and since everyone is either young or old, everyone is capable of seeking wisdom. Also in another way, we can infer that Epicurus believes everyone to be capable of seeking wisdom. Indeed he advises people, either young or old, to study philosophy, because he believes that they are capable to seeking wisdom by studying philosophy. Otherwise, if he believes that seeking wisdom is not possible for everyone, he would not insist us to do what we cannot do. 2. How may we infer from what Epicurus says in the first paragraph his “Letter to Menoeceus” that he believed happiness to be the ultimate objective of studying philosophy? At the beginning of the first paragraph of his “”Letter to Menoeceus”, Epicurus says that everyone either young or old should study philosophy because “it is never too early nor too late to care for the well-being of the soul” (Epicurus 2). In other words, according to him, philosophy can bring happiness to soul. One should study it for the happiness of mind. ...
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