The End or Basis of Being

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Name: Course: Date: Form; The End or Basis of Being Rufus in the dialogue Speculum Animae is involved in a philosophical dialogue on the dilemma concerning humanity and decision making by the human intellect, as well as the issue of potency and actuality in all things.


In this article, I support Rufus’ argument that thinking is not a preserve of the intellect. First, I give reasons as to how decisions are made by humans, second, I argue concerning the possibility of thinking becoming the thing thought, and lastly, I evaluate the merits of the two arguments as presented by Rufus. Richard Rufus rejected the premise that we think by the intellect given forms in the way matter is. This standing by Rufus is true in several ways. Firstly as Rufus (4) argues, man is every created thing, and man constitutes a lesser world: thus in his being, man shares with all created things as below: living with plants, existence with stones, sensitive with beasts, thinking with angels, and finally man shares some aspects with God. This implies that man is a complex creature that shares many aspects with other beings, but yet has some peculiar characteristics make him special; the intellect. Intellect is the part of man lacking in other beings, which presents the difference. As other beings have some degree of knowledge and instincts, so does man share some commonalities with other beings. For example, if a deer escapes an attack by a lion through instincts though it has not sighted the lion, man must use the same instincts to make some decisions in some cases. This follows that man does not only depend on thinking through intellect, but shares other common modes of thinking with other beings. ...
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