Is Existentialism Nihilistic? Why or Why Not?

Is Existentialism Nihilistic? Why or Why Not? Essay example
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Name Course Instructor Date Is Existentialism Nihilistic? Existentialism is the philosophy that hangs to the thoughts that begin with human beings as subject not just humans as thinking subject but as feeling, acting and living individuals. Existentialism is characterized by what has been called the absurd or meaningless.


It is always linked with extreme skepticism and pessimism that condemns existence. Existential nihilism is based on the belief that the world is meaningless and has no purpose in that all existence in it such as pain or feelings are senseless. Therefore, existential nihilists such as Camus and Nietzsche regards feelings and thoughts as merely influence of prior causes (McBride 89). In a more elaborate sense, free will is denied. Further, they argue that existentialism is nihilistic because they believe that on this world, misery and suffering has dominated over pleasure while happiness has been elusive thus leaving mankind with the option of suicide as the only course to take. Existentialism can be said to be nihilism because it presents human life as ultimately meaningless and trivial. Friedrich Nietzsche argued that forceful effects will eventually destroy all religious, metaphysical beliefs, morals and accelerate the greatest crisis in history of human beings. Other existentialism nihilists such as Camus and Soren Kierkegaard argued that individuals had the responsibility of giving meaning to their lives despite of many struggles and distractions such as alienation, boredom, despair and absurdity (Cox 27). According to Nietzsche, there is no objective structure or order in the universe or world except that the order human beings give it. ...
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