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Nietzsche Moral Philosophy - Essay Example

Nietzsche aims at freeing human beings from their false consciousness about the issue of morality. He wants to free people from the idea that morality is good for them and not for the society (Richardson 20). Nietzsche forms an argument that free from the moral prejudices that he believes clouds the metaphysical pursuit and inquiries of science. Nietzsche concept of slave and master morality Master and slave morality is a key theme of the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche presented that there are two types of morality. These include master and slave morality. Master morality majorly deals with the good or bad consequences of actions. Master morality values strength, pride and nobility. Master morality gets described by Nietzsche as the morality of the strong- willed. Slave morality deals with the good or bad intentions that people have. For Nietzsche slave morality values things like sympathy, kindness and humility. Nietzsche argued that we must not presume that anything that is good is helpful, and all that is bad is harmful. He argued that this presumption got based on the grounds of habitualness. Value or non-value should not be derived from its consequences (Richardson 24). The strong-willed men in Nietzsche view look at something good as powerful and noble and what is bad as petty, weak, and cowardly. Nietzsche forwarded that morality deals with the individual. We must recognize that oneself is the measure of all things. Masters become creators of morality while the slaves simply respond to the masters with their slave morality. Slave morality originates in the weak while master morality originates in the strong. He argued that the strong people are few among the weak. The weak work hard to gain power by eroding the strong to believe in the causes of slavery which is evil. For example by stating that humility is good and voluntary, the slave morality lives in denial that humility got forced upon them by a master. Moral Skepticism Nietzsche was a moral skeptic. He questions the authenticity of the explanations of morality which get purported to be factual. He maintains a doubting attitude towards the values and character of others which get considered moral. Nietzsche calls attention to the fact that the history of moral theories does not have a rational explanation for the foundational proposition about morality. Nietzsche supports the notion that there are no moral facts or truths. Nietzsche questions what brings about morality (Richardson 56). We do not know whether it is the criterion of the action or the reason for its performance that gets considered right. We must also consider the consequences that these actions bring about. Nietzsche also locates disagreement among the most sophisticated and moral philosophies which makes him a moral skeptic. Nietzsche was an aristocratic radicalism. This was a condemnation of hyper-aesthetic writing and fantasy in literature. It was a belief that literature should be based upon extensive thoughts of liberty and the progress of humanity. Moral Nihilist Moral nihilism is the view that nothing is intrinsically immoral or moral. Moral nihilists consider morality as something that gets constructed through a set of rules and recommendations. Nietzsche is not a moral nihilist. He states nihilism as absolute valuelessness, or that nothing has a meaning. He explained that this was extremely dangerous because it is through ...Show more


Name Instructor Course Date Nietzsche Moral philosophy Friedrich Nietzsche was a self-described immoralist who advocated for high and severe morality. In spite of his denunciations of traditional morality, he was no libertine or hedonist. Nietzsche’s moral philosophy is first and foremost critical in orientation…
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Nietzsche Moral Philosophy essay example
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