The Darwin Natural Selection and Its Relation to Science and Religion

The Darwin Natural Selection and Its Relation to Science and Religion Essay example
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The debate on the existence of God and origination of the materialistic world and living beings has been evolving for ages. Our world has ever been witnessed numerous philosophers, scientists, religious leaders and theologians argue on the subject of existence or non – existence of God.


One of the theologians who have out rightly denied the existence of God is Charles Darwin. His theology of natural selection has raised many eyebrows in awe and in despising. Moreover many theologians have ignored and contemplated positively and negatively on his discovery. Nevertheless, it is impossible to favor Darwin and his natural selection theory when the creation itself is so complex that it demands a creator. But when it comes to Philosophers and theologians, many have stated that God and religion solely have a role to play in the creation of this universe and its beings. Let us look at Paley, Gregory, Dennett, Dawes and Kitcher we can see that they are against and in favor sometimes to the Darwin’s theory. Darwin proclaims that human beings have evolved from Apes. This is not acceptable for many of the philosophers who deeply believe in God and his creative power. Here we get to understand and analyze the theory of other thinkers with that of the Darwin. However Darwin has propagated his idea and thoughts in such a meaningful way that many thinkers and philosophers had to agree with his theology .Still nature is so complex and human intelligence is so shockingly exquisite, the creator needs to be in backstage to maintain this universe. ...
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