Ethical Issues in Marriage, Sexuality and Family

Ethical Issues in Marriage, Sexuality and Family Essay example
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Name University Course Date Ethical Issues in Marriage Sexuality and Family Introduction Ethics can be summarized as the practical science of the good life touching on the issues of what a person has to do so as to live as a noble person within a given society.


Generally, ethics is about determining and differentiating the good acts from the bad acts, developing good and accepted characters among people and fostering social order (Robin 20). Ethical issues Within the social structure, ethics is very much linked to marriage, sexuality and family. Ethics gives a guideline on what is expected of the contract union between husband and wife. Traditionally, marriage has been perceived as a lifelong committed relationship between a man and a woman with the purpose of procreation and upbringing of children with allowance of divorce only where any progeny have reached their maturity (McNeil, 198). However with introduction of new technology, this definition has been challenged and is loosing its meaning in the ethic. The universal acceptance of the contraceptives as a morally legitimate option that facilitates reproduction of children to be an optional choice for the married couples has brought a new face to the traditional marriage (Gallagher, 34). Marriage is no longer based on procreation achievement only but rather on ones happiness, pleasure and gain. Marriage has lost its ethical value in the society and adopted the contract perspective where couples can stay together and divorce or part ways at the will of either of the contracting party. Today, marriage is not necessarily a contract between people of the opposite sex but rather even people of the same sex (Cleves, 48). ...
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