Letter Concerning Toleration

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Name Instructor Course Date The use of peyote (a hallucinogenic mushroom) The case of the use of hallucinogenic mushroom in America can be evaluated in the view of Locke’s ideas in the Letter Concerning Tolerance. If the state passes laws to criminalize the use of a given drug, the idea should apply all citizens and should be with precise reasons why the use of such a drug is not permitted the state.


According to John Locke in his Letter Concerning Tolerance, the state and the church are perfectly distinct and infinitely different entities (Locke 24). In his opinion, the magistrate has no role in matters of religion. The main functions of the state are to protect life, people’s liberty, and their properties. Every entity in the society is limited to its functions and protection of souls is not one of the states functions but rather the function of the church. Therefore, by creating laws to criminalize the use the hallucinogenic mushroom, the stipulations describing how the drug is not fit for consumption and what makes it criminal should apply to all individual citizens of the state in the bid to uphold democracy and protection of peoples lives and liberty. Allowing some religions to use the drug while restricting others is a true description of what Locke refers to as intolerance. It is a definite case of a state showing coercion of citizens to convert to certain religions. This is because conversion to the exempted religion would allow those people with the urge to use the drug a right to the drug. ...
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