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Bullshit as a Politics of Discourse

2). All throughout his paper, he argues that bullshit has been used in most cases and varies in purpose. Politically speaking, lying and truth can be an issue of public trust and affects the manner of governance. Bullshit can be used in both cases. The bullshit can be considered as a truth depending on the manner of rhetoric. At the same time, it is also a lie which becloud. It can be considered that bullshit is a mechanism of truth and lie. It can be about lying about a lie or lying about the truth. In these cases, it can be seen that the events of the past has made the American government appear to be bullshitting people for the purpose of telling an invented truth and denying the real truth by political manipulation and possibly after of their own personal agenda as well by making such falsified truth statement. How would this be possible, especially in connection to bullshit? This is the matter that I shall delve into in this paper. BODY Bullshit as a Threat to Society Can bullshit be a threat towards society and the value of truth? Frankfurt mentioned that “bullshit is disconnected from a concern with truth” and is “untruthful” (Frankfurt 1986, p. 12). In a personal sense, this cannot be considered a threat because bullshitting can be considered as a pastime. ...
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Name Name of Professor Subject Date Bullshit as a Politics of Discourse INTRODUCTION Harry Frankfurt’s essay “On Bullshit” emphasizes the semantic discourse and the use of the term from the very general up to the specific sense. In this case, the use of the language seems to be a very important matter due to the complexity present with the term…
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