Philosophy and Politics, East and West

Philosophy and Politics, East and West Essay example
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Philosophy and Politics: East Meets West Chinese Philosophical Perspective Chinese philosophy has usually been closely related to political activities in ancient Chinese society. Many schools of thought in Chinese philosophy have always been concerned with various aspects of state or social matters.


Confucius’ social and political philosophies are both rooted in the idea that one should learn self-discipline and treat others with love and concern. He argued that men are responsible for their own actions with regard to how they treat others. Confucius also believed in harmony and having a relationship with the other person, like a father to his son or a mother to her daughter. He also believed in social harmony, which is the great goal of Confucianism. Confucius believed that everyone had a role in the social order and must be do their part in that society. Confucius’ social philosophy is known as Ren, which means being altruistic, compassionate, and loving toward others. This concept means that one should avoid speech that would result to negativity or the appearance of negativity. He also taught that only those who learned self-discipline could accomplish altruism. Ren is to be considered a practice that is broad, and informs one’s interactions with other people. Confucius noted that one should not use their social power to oppress those of the lowest power. Instead, one should treat others with respect, the same way one would want to be respected. This is what makes the idea of the superior man in Confucian philosophy. Another part of his social philosophy is Li, or etiquette, rituals, and morals. ...
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