what is the nature of being?

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It entails the features of reality. These features include the objective as well as subjective aspects of existence as well as reality. It is of crucial significance to note that anything that assumes existence may qualify to be called a…


It is of crucial significance to acknowledge the fact that being can manifest in several forms of unifying factors. This follows that for a being to be in existence, it must assume a unity of three distinct attributes. Therefore, it is crucial to acknowledge that being is a unity of three attributes. The first attribute that a being assumes is Spirit. There is no “being” that can be in existence and lacks the spiritual aspect. Spiritual aspect of beings is critical in several ways in all aspects of such a being. The second attribute that a being must assume is the Soul. All beings have souls. This is one of the unifying factors that define a being (Fromm, 43). The third distinct and unifying attribute to being is the body. A being cannot exist without a body. It is the body that acts as the envelop to accommodate the soul and Spirit. Therefore, without the body, both the spirit and soul are no more. Therefore, it is significant to underscore the fact that the nature of being is three distinct things that cannot act in isolation but in unity.
In the universe, Spirit is the only power that knows itself. Spirit is the active as well as self-conscious component of a being. A spirit is an absolute statement with meanings best understood in reason. The spirit is a being conscious of its own being and has powers that extend to none other than itself. It is cognizant of itself on the context of itself and recognizes nothing different from itself. It is manifested in the body as an absolute entity related to love, truth alongside being as well as cause and effect (Fromm, 75). Spirit relates to the soul in a manner that it rests to the soul its wants, thoughts as well as all that appertain to its being.
The soul is the receptive medium where the spirit rests and exercises its thoughts forms. Therefore, it is of crucial significance to underscore the fact that the soul is an entity that must ...
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