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Reaction Paper Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 Water Boy: A Reflection 3 Conclusion 5 Works Cited 6 Introduction “The Waterboy” is an American comedy released in 1998. Frank Coracim directs the film. It stars Adam Sandler as its protagonist Bobby.


Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler wrote the film; it acts as a motivator to surpass the general parameter of mundane perceptions of possible and impossible. It retells the story of immense possibilities imbibed within an individual who just needs certain extra efforts and a little bit of courage to surface out. Thesis Statement This essay intends to explore the reaction that evolves in the mind of a man after watching this film and the nature and amount of motivation the film exercises on the mind of the audience watching it. Water Boy: A Reflection Characters and situations appearing on the silver screen are always very fascinating. Hardly any hero of a film or a novel confronts defeat. However, in real life the situations are always very different. At a pragmatic plane, therefore it is very tough always to relate to the characters of the reel life. Bobby, the protagonist of the film, “The Water Boy” at the outset of the film is projected as a character very clumsy and unacceptable. He is shown undergoing the immense teasing of his fellow boys who are regular players in the football team. He is over protected by his mother who makes him more effeminate and weak. However, nobody ever tries to peep into the nobility of the boy, who chooses to supply water to his classmates playing for the football team after hearing that his father died of dehydration in the Sahara desert while serving in the Peace Corps. ...
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